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Excursion to Ssenyi, a fish landing

Excursion to Ssenyi, a fish landing

Mr. Livingstone, among other things is also the director of the Life Dairy in Katete, asked me to accompany him to Ssenyi and to take some pictures for his report. I accepted and didn’t expected to go to the biggest fish landing in the Mukono district! Everyday a lot of fish is exported to Europe from there. Hence the fish landing is big and very well organized. During a meeting with the inspector I was impressed by the high quality standards applied (for Uganda!).

In Ssenyi, we also visited the primary school. It was very impressive to see such a school! Whereby one tree corresponds to one schoolroom. Can you image to go to school in a such environment?

Afterwards we walked to the health centre on the hill. This health centre will be operational within one year and it will be a very good service for Ssenyi and the surrounding villages. During the few hours on the hill, I observed the amazing view on the Lake Victoria and the nearby islands.

Before returning to Mukono we ate (of course) a typical fish menu, composed of tilapia with matooke (banana) and rice.




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  1. Akiko 7 years ago 25th March 2012

    – Oh, Janna! These photos are SO buietaful. It’s so nice to actually see Marci in photos. From reading her blog, I know what her life is like, but seeing it from another perspective is so lovely. Being a mother really must be amazing.Your love for Marci really comes across in the photos. xoxo


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