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Project Madame Titti

Project Madame Titti

I always had in mind to make a “personal project” during my internship in Uganda, in order to help the local population. Before my departure to Uganda I didn’t know in which way and where to help. But once arrived in Uganda and especially in the small rural village Katete (where the yoghurt factory is located), I realized that a lot of things can be done. Most of the population in Katete are poor and some of them live with less than 1 usd per day. During a few meetings with Fred (the manager of the factory) and Charles (local SYPO staff) about the situation in Katete, both advised me to visit a few families and experience how they live and afterwards decide how I can help them. As a little gift for the 10 poor families I visited, I prepared a small bag containing various useful things (picture 1). Together with Fred we visited the selected 10 poor families around Katete and observed the living situation (2-10). We asked them what they need most and I got ten times the same answer: beddings, clothes and school fees. I decided to help them with matresses and blankets, so I can improve the quality of living of the whole family as well as their health.

Could you sleep without matress? Your answer is certainly no! But it’s reality for around 80 families in Katete.

With donations from friends and myself, I could buy 20 matresses and 10 blankets in order to help 20 needy families (11, 12).

The 18th June 2011 we delivered the matresses and the blankets to the families organizing a small function at the house of my guest family in Katete (13, 14). The pictures 15 and 16 show the handing over of the matresses and blankets.

At the end of the function the families went home with their new matress and blankets (17). Furthermore Pat the child made me a surprise with 2 charts, with following writings (18):

PAT THE CHILD (NGO) is grateful for the support given to aid needy families in Uganda – E.Africa


PAT THE CHILD (NGO) appreciated the services given by Miss Tiziana and the aid from Rüegg, Imseng, Rettenumd, Valérie, Molteni, Anja and the Swiss community

I accompanied a family and saw the sleeping situation before and after the project Madame Titti. Picture 19 shows the children sleeping until the 18th June (without matress and blanket) and since yesterday they have a matress to sleep (20) and also a blanket (21)! 🙂

I’m happy that I could help needy families and proud to have managed it! 🙂




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