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Collaboration with the Uganda Industrial Research Institute (UIRI)

Collaboration with the Uganda Industrial Research Institute (UIRI)

Over the last few months I looked for collaborations with industrial partners, which have good or better laboratory equipment than the Yoghurt factory Life Dairy in Katete.

The Uganda industrial Research Institute (UIRI; www.uiri.org ) is Uganda Government’s lead agency for industrialization and an ideal partner for Yoba for Life. The process for a collaboration between UIRI and Yoba for Life started with a meeting with Salim Peter (he is working at the Dairy Technology Department). Salim advised me to write a collaboration letter to the Executive Director of UIRI for the approval of the collaboration. After the delivery of the letter and an examination time, I got a positive answer from Salim. In a further meeting he showed me the microbiological laboratory, which is very good equipped (laminar flow class 2, autoclave, incubator, weighing scale, different medium, colony counter, stomacher…). Furthermore we discussed the next steps; in August I will go to UIRI and repeat the experiments done previously at Life Dairy and do some quality and identification tests of the probiotic drink Yoba.

I look forward to work with the UIRI and to make a further step towards introduction of the Yoba drink in the market.




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  1. Thomas 4 years ago 24th March 2015

    Who are Yoba for life? I am interested in getting in touch for possible more information about youghurt making at cottage level and packaging plus quality.
    Thank you.


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