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It was just going too well…

It was just going too well…

Hi readers,

Last week started of spectacularly for our project: We attracted the attention of the manager of the yoghurt factory at UIRI, who is now eager to work with us. The first experiments we conducted with him watching our every move then surpassed all expectations. Through increasing the temperature during fermentation to 45 degrees, we managed to reduce the fermentation time from 12 to only 5 hours. Put simply, Yoba is much easier and cheaper to produce now – An important step toward market introduction.

After so many successes in the last days something was bound to go wrong, which turned out to be my health in this case. After a few days with breaks spent sleeping on the laboratory floor, I had to admit defeat and call in sick on Thursday evening. The look into the mirror the next morning destroyed my hopes of a quick recovery: I turned into an acne-monster (the doctor calls it chicken pox). So I spent the last 4 days in a sort of quarantine in my hut in the guesthouse, sleeping and sleeping and sleeping and …! Now the fever and the headache are almost gone, the monster-look is slowly becoming less prominent and I am getting more and more restless to return to the lab and convince Mr. Yoghurt of introducing Yoba as fast as possible.

Greetings from Mukono, hope to have more entertaining news next time,


Bernd Isenberg

Bernd Isenberg


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  1. Rami 10 years ago 3rd October 2011

    Hello Bernd,

    Indeed some bad news in relation to your health. I hope its all good once more and you guys are back on track in order to get Yoba on track again. In addition, great work with improving the production of the yoghurt!! Hopefully the market introduction will succeed in the best of forms.

    All the best,



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