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Working by accident!

Working by accident!

Last Monday night I was plagued by a rather bad conscience, because I had just managed to work for one day after my recovery from the beloved chicken pox before our friend Dominik arrived in Uganda to visit us for a week. The travelling would not leave much time for productivity I feared.

Wednesday morning we decided to go to Kabale, a town close to the Rwandese border, simply because Mr. lonely planet says its beautiful.  Thanks to Chris’ friend Konrad, this decision turned out to be brilliant – from a Yoba and from a fun perspective.  While we were on our way to Kabale, Konrad called to tell us that we could stay at his father’s house for the time we were there. Shortly after arriving, we could not believe our luck when we found out that the man is the most influential cattle farmer in the region and has played a leading role in the development of Ugandas dairy industry. A long nightly conversation ensued, resolving about cows and milk and yoghurt and farmers and milk and cows and farmers and yoghurt and milk and cows and…

In order not to torture Dominik even more with cow stories, we decided to split the next day in two: While Dominik would sleep in, we got up at six a.m. to see the farm of 75 year-old-father-of-Konrad.(I was to ashamed to ask for the name again after I could not understand it the first 3 times). Anyway, Chris and me were totally flabbergasted when the old man asked if we would mind jogging to his farm, just to get warm in the cold morning and to exercise a little! At a somewhat slower pace, but still brimming with energy, the old man went on to show us his farm and even introduced us to the most important politicians in the region for future collaborations. All this before 11am, which was the ultimatum that Dominik had set us to finish up our “yoghurt stuff” and finally go to the lake that lonely planet so kindly recommended to us.

Consequently we spent the rest of our day on a peaceful island in lake Bunyoyi, discussing almost every conceivable topic in the world while emptying almost every available bottle of beer on the island. After another day on the road, during which “the old man” lectured us on cattle keeping again, we arrived back in Mukono to see the Uganda vs. Kenya match in the national stadium on Saturday – It was loud, hot and packed, sometimes scary, often funny and (I think that is safe to say) a birthday that Chris will tell his grandchildren about.

Anyway, Dominik and me decided that some more action would certainly not hurt anyone, so we took Chris to go bungee jumping the next day. Standing 44 meters above the Nile, I think the look on our faces suggested that we had changed our minds about the action and would rather just look at the beautiful scenery. None of us seemed to believe that the touch of the water would be a soft one as promised. Shortly after however, all of us proved to be great multi-taskers: we can fall, panic and scream at the same time! So moms, dads, and most importantly employers, don’t worry, we all got back to the shore in one piece. 😉

Well, now we are back in Mukono, and our yoba children are demanding our full attention. And honestly, after so much action I am happy to be working in the quiet laboratory again. Chris will leave for the little village tomorrow, where he should now be able to make good progress with milk supplier thanks to all the information we got on our trip.

Thank you for reading, thanks for your visit Dome, and greetings to everyone at home,


Ps: Should this description of Dominik’s visit to us entice others to come here, we would like to ask you to make sure that we will also run into extremely helpful business contacts during your stay.

Bernd Isenberg

Bernd Isenberg



  1. Rami 10 years ago 11th October 2011

    Great stuff Bernd. It is never easy to mix business with pleasure, but hey you guys made a wonderful experience out of it. Managed to gain priceless information and establish new contacts while also having some fun, which is important to keep the spirit going.
    I bet the bungee jumping was epic.

    Waiting to here more about your progress in the lab.

    All the best,


  2. Marina 10 years ago 16th October 2011


    your way of witing is so funny and detailed that I can even forgive you for Christiaan’s brithday present you have made for you all. I am very lucky I did not know the surprise before otherwise I would get an heart attack.
    Keep yourself concentrated on yogourt and have a lot of fun, but please do not too krazy, than you are krazy enough.
    A big hug from Mama Marina

  3. Romina 10 years ago 18th October 2011

    Awesome. good to know men can multitask!!! no serious, we say in my language ´a quien madruga Dios le ayuda´so good idea getting up so early!and follow the lonely planet! 😉
    keep taking good care of your babies.




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