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Yoba 2012

Yoba 2012

Dear all,

I would like to start this blog with the clichĂ© “Happy 2012!!” for all our followers. Thank you for taking interest in our project 🙂

We have been taking some time off to celebrate the holidays, spending Christmas on a fantastic island in Lake Victoria. Nothing to do all day except sleeping, eating, swimming and sleeping some more. Eventhough we were without family the gap was filled with the company of good friends. After this I proceeded to Tanzania to meet up with my mother, who was kind enough to bring Dutch cheese, and permitted me to stay in the type of hotel where I could finally remember what a warm shower felt like for the first time in months! She also did the project a service by finally bringing the new and improved pH paper we desperately needed for our work in the village, which the Ugandan postal service was unwilling to provide us with. Next I was able to enjoy some good relaxation on the Indian Ocean, diving, snorkeling, fishing and catching up with “la mamma”!

Back in Uganda, we had decided to move into an appartment in Kampala together with a university friend of Bernd and mine who would be working here for 3 months as well. Full of enthousiasm we agreed on an appartment in the centre of the city, excited about its location and vicinity to everything! One thing we forgot in the midst of all this excitement: the fact that the party-street would not stop partying on nights where we would like to sleep early… We thus found ourselves turning back to our little quite paradise in Mukono for beauty sleep a little more often than expected

Anyway, exciting news from the workfront: we are in preperations for our first business trip. There is a dairy organization in Gulu, Northern Uganda, which would be interesting for us to work with. That’s why next week we will be taking the bus there and have the first meeting with the stakeholders. This could be an important step in truly spreading the concept around the country, reaching more Ugandans in need.

More updates on this will follow soon!

Thanks for reading again!


Chris Broekman

Chris Broekman


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