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Yo-bye bye

Yo-bye bye

This last week I have slowly been getting to wrap up the project. People from UIRI have visited Katete to inspect the plant, Fred has come from Katete to UIRI to get to know the most important people, and the agreements have been made for further collaboration. The foundations have been laid for the School Feeding Project. This all ought to ensure Yoba will keep going after I left.

Tonight I will be departing from Entebbe to take a direct flight to Amsterdam. It is a weird feeling, knowing that by this time tomorrow I will experience a temperature that is 20C lower, travel by tram on roads with no potholes, seated next to people who are less likely to start a conversation with a stranger. My time here has been amazing, and I am very thankful for this opportunity and the people who made it so. I suppose following the cliché of thanking these people is in order. Remco and Wilbert, thank you for the admirable passion you have for this project. Bernd, it is hard to imagine someone else to have gone through this with. Thanks for the great times! Tiziana, thanks for the good work starting this and handing it over to us. Timothy Matovu, you sure managed to inspire me! Ahumuza for the debating and laughter we shared. Sebastian for the fun times, and the help with anything we needed. Nina, Anouk, Tessel, Kirsten, Elke, Erica for the good company in and out of Besaniya guesthouse. The people at UIRI: Marksen, Moses, Baz, Alex, Maggie and of course Jean for the help, smiles and general kindness!

Of course friends & family at home for the Skype talks and overall support!

It’s been a Blast!

For one last time from Uganda,



PS: and thank you Uganda for my new addiction to playing pool 😉

Chris Broekman

Chris Broekman


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  1. Sebastian 7 years ago 8th March 2012

    Chris i also Appreciate you for being the person you were while in Uganda. You are among the people i will forever remember. If i every be in position to help you in life, i will do so whole heartedly. Good bye Chris


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