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Yoba brand evolving rapidly

Yoba brand evolving rapidly

The Yoba for life foundation is evolving rapidly in the Uganda region at this particular moment. The collaboration between new sponsors, the UIRI management and new participating Yoba factories result in an explosion of Yoba aspects. The African consumer is getting more and more familiar with the Yoba brand. Previously the Yoba stickers were applied on the excising packaging labels of the Yoba producing companies. A brand new Yoba logo is designed and the existing label designs of GALP Industries, Mabira Estate and Grace K Supermarkets are redesigned by adding the new Yoba logo. The Yoba producers do not have to apply the stickers anymore. The African consumers can buy the Yoba products at kiosks, supermarkets and canteens. The new designs and some previews of the label and logo designs are enlightened on our company Facebook site.

The UIRI management is restructuring the Yoba collaboration at this point. This means that the UIRI departments (Yoba production and Yoba laboratorial team) will work together even better to optimize the Yoba status in the upcoming period. New Yoba interns are contracted and will start in September. A lot of new activities will lift the Yoba concept to a higher level.

The Yoba for life foundation is also working together with some students of the Makarere University in Kampala. The students are interested in the pro-biotic means and health benefits of the Yoba bacteria culture.

At this moment the Yoba yoghurt is developed by applying a frozen and fresh starter culture during production. This protocol will soon be replaced by a freeze dried bacteria culture packed in sachets. All Yoba protocols are enlightened in Yoba flow chart diagrams. These flow chart diagrams enlighten all Yoba concept aspects and serve as an easy to handle production guideline. These Yoba flow chart diagrams will be displayed at the Yoba site soon.

The school feeding program in Katete is evolving for the best. Fred Kaggwa is still producing healthy Yoba yoghurt every week. This week interns Dries Habraken and Barbara van der Biezen visited the school feeding program in Katete. They presented the brand new cups printed with Yoba for life logo and plates to all 360 children. Together with the Life Dairy crew and Fred Kaggwa they gave all children one new Yoba cup and a plate. This way the children can eat healthy pro-biotic yoghurt from a brand new and clean cup. These cups were donated by Heng Chang plastics in Kampala. This new sponsor has agreed on supporting the Yoba for life foundation in the future. In the nearby future clothing and shoes will be donated to all 360 children as well. We are very excited and proud to announce this fact.

We would like to thank all Yoba for life supporters for their enthusiasm and support. Please spread the word; the Yoba for life foundation is evolving and all suggestions, contributions and ideas are most welcome. We will keep you posted.

With kind regards,

Dries Habraken & Barbara van der Biezen

Dries Habraken

Dries Habraken


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