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Yoba’s Hygiene and 2014’s progress

Yoba’s Hygiene and 2014’s progress

Hi followers,

First of all, on behalf of the Yoba for Life Foundation, I hope you’ll all get a happy and especially a healthy 2014 with a lot of Probiotic Yoba Yoghurt. I hope you all enjoyed the Christmas days and of course New Years Eve.

I really did enjoy and I now have the honor to tell you that the Yoba production is really running well in 2014 either.

Z-Plus is still thinking about starting a full Yoba production (no normal yoghurts anymore), so I expect to hear more about that in the next few weeks. Currently they are already producing about 200L Yoba a week.

Galp is producing about 100L Yoba a week and is intensively looking for new potential customers (selling points)

Homefresh started a few weeks ago and is already producing up to 100L Yoba a week.

Mabira is producing about 100L each two weeks. Part of this production, is Yoba made of goat milk. I heard some good stories about it already!

UIRI is producing at any spare time, but since there are two new incubatees coming that are participating in the incubatee-program at UIRI, the production facilities run at high utilization.

Now it’s my turn to convince those new incubatees to start with Yoba yoghurts as well. I’ll keep you updated about this.

Life Dairy (Fred) did not produce for the school feeding program for two weeks because of Christmas holidays. I will visit him in two weeks to see the progress of the Yoba yoghurt at his factory.

The Yoba posters, flyers and information sheets are printed, so the marketing did already start.

I’m looking forward to seeing the sales boosts that are a result of the Yoba marketing.

I have also been working on a a new Hygiene and Processing Standards 2014 report. This is to decrease the chance of contamination during the production process and to produce the optimal qualitative Yoba yoghurt as possible.

Next to that the Yoba website will get a new look soon. Since Yoba is currently working on some adaptions for the Yoba Website, some more and new information can be found within a short period of time.

As you see, progress is being made and we will not stop before young Ugandan children are able to say ‘Yoba’  before they know how to say ‘mama’ !

Exactly, because you need Yoba!

For your body, Every body!


Mark de Koff

Mark de Koff


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