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Farmers become Dairy Processors

When you come to a new county, as a new project leader for Yoba for Life, everything is new and exciting. It takes you some time to settle in and learn the basics of the Ugandan people, language and culture. Subsequently, since job as full-time travelling country side project leader

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New horizons: Yoba in Jinja area

After 1,5 week residing in Kampala and working from the head office of the East African Dairy Development (EADD), my colleagues and their car were ready to take me to my new area and the farmer groups therein: Jinja, behold! Although I had spent my days in the office useful,

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Workshops all over

Only two three weeks have passed since my last blog post but there are so many things happening that I would be able to write a complete blog post about every day. However, I will confine myself to the highlights. Highlights of important achievements and highlights of absurd situations (from

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New project leader Uganda

Let me first of all introduce myself. I’m Nieke Westerik, and together with Felica I will be the new project leader in Uganda for Yoba for Life. I just successfully finished an internship in Kenya and thereby obtained my master degree in Food Technology from the Wageningen University (the Netherlands).

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