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Media and Publications

Yoba in the media

Yoba in the media


  • Food Science for Relief and Development (FSRD) - An Emerging Area of Food Science (English)

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Fermented Food for Life


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Fermented Food For Life Project Documentary


The Promised Land

A movie has been produced by No Money No Cry Films with a local crew and local actors in Mombassa, Kenya. The movie is 60 minutes of entertainment and contains an underlying message about importance of quality and health benefits of selected fermented foods.

  • Yoba-For-Life leads the way for ‘generic’ probiotics for health & wealth in Africa (English)

Ugandan Television


  • Canadian gov backs 40 centime probiotics to reach 1m Africans; invests €1.25m (English)


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  • Nederlandse microbiologen introduceren probiotische yoghurt in Afrika (Dutch)

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