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7 COUNTRIES | 3 hundred companies
1 million consumers | 1 quadrillion probiotic yoba bacteria

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Do you want to become a producer of Yoba yoghurt or other Yoba fermented foods? Our trainers are happy to help you to set up your own Yoba business.

For ordering Yoba starter culture, See your contact person in your country

Yoba yoghurt can be produced at a scale as small as 10 liter and as large as 5000 liter per week. The minimal requirements are milk, a sauce pan, a thermometer, a lactometer, a source of heat, and the Yoba starter culture. For practical info see Training Material and Instruction Movies.

The core of the activities of the Yoba for Life foundation is to train people to set up a flourishing probiotic yoghurt business, and implement a research and development program around fermented foods.