Yoba Probiotic Food Today:

7 COUNTRIES | 3 hundred companies
1 million consumers | 1 quadrillion probiotic yoba bacteria

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Where to buy?

Where to buy?

Where to buy?

Yoba yoghurt is produced and sold in many places in East Africa by local dairy coops and small and medium scale enterprises, see map.

Yoba is also sold in Uganda (email Arinda Nelson), Tanzania (email Costantine), Kenya (email Philiph), Ethiopia (email Binyam Kassa), Zimbabwe (email Agustin) and Nepal (email Prajwal).

Yoba is packed in cups, bags, bottles, or as fresh take-away. Every Yoba producer uses his own brand. Yoba products carry the Yoba Inside stamp.

Yoba beyond dairy

Did you know that you can also make Yoba from soy, wheat, sorghum, maize and millet?

A probiotic Yoba drink can also be made from maize, millet, soy, and even fruits including those from the Baobab tree. Depending on the regions, such kind of fermented products are known as Obushera, Kwete, Zoomkom, and Mutandabota. The Yoba variants have a great taste and contain the healthy probiotic Yoba bacteria.