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7 COUNTRIES | 3 hundred companies
1 million consumers | 1 quadrillion probiotic yoba bacteria

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The Yoba for Life Foundation has been active in Ethiopia since 2020. We train, support and coach promising probiotic yoghurt producers with technical and business advice, and ensure access to Yoba starter cultures. Certified producers are also linked to school markets. Hence, we create income and employment – especially for youth and women – and improve the health of local customers and rural communities.

Currently, 30 Yoba producers spread across the country produce approximately 20,000 liters of probiotic Yoba yoghurt per week. Yoba works with 5 staff members, all of them being Ethiopians.

Yoba for Life Uganda partners with SNV on the Building Rural Incomes (BRIDGE) project to support producers and promote school yoghurt across Ethiopia. Yoba for Life also partners with Fair and Sustainable Ethiopia. Finally, Yoba for Life Uganda works closely with the local authorities through the Ethiopian Food and Drug Authority.

Contact our local representative Binyam Kassa for more information on where to purchase the probiotic yoghurt, start a Yoba school feeding program at a school, or how to produce Yoba for schools in your neighborhood.