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Probiotic yoghurt for improving health and wealth


Probiotic yoghurt for improving health and wealth

Time frame: November 2021 – April 2022

Budget: EUR 15.000

In November 2021 Yoba has received a grant from the New Zealand High Commission Fund in South Africa to strengthen and accelerate the ongoing activities of Yoba for Life in Tanzania. The aim of the project will be to upgrade the existing (female) Yoba producers in Tanzania, increase their production output, and expand their market through sales in schools, while at the same time boosting the health of the children consuming this yoghurt.

We intend to closely work with all 72 producers in Tanzania to stimulate them to upgrade their premises and increase their production volumes. We specifically aim for supporting three female owned production units (Asilia Dairy in Arusha, Nyiriri Enterpirses in Songea and Mama Koku in Njombe) to achieve certification by the Tanzanian Bureau of Standards (TBS). In parallel, and following a successful model that has been piloted in Uganda, we will support these three producers together with two more TBC certified producers with the sales and marketing of their probiotic yoghurt at schools in their region.