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Farewell Uganda

Six months have gone by since I set foot on Ugandan soil for the first time. It is not easy to put these six months into words; do justice to everything and everyone that has been important to me and the project; and not sound too cheesy or cliché when

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Jean’s smile

Hello readers, Today I just want to share a happy moment for Yoba with you. For the past few weeks, Chris and me have been busy in the laboratory trying to produce frozen starter. This frozen starter is produced by inoculating the bacteria in milk, letting them ferment for approx.

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Gulu and a perfect start of the year

A good afternoon to all of you, A month has gone by since my last update, so there is a lot to tell. As Chris described in his last blog, we spent Christmas on a remote island in Lake Victoria. After celebrating New Years Eve on a festival in Kampala,

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Merry Christmas!!!

Hello everyone, It is time for my last blog of the year, as Yoba will go on holidays for the next two weeks. Today was my last day at the Ugandan Industrial Research Institute (UIRI), where I was working together with our Ugandan colleagues in a very relaxed and enthusiastic

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Life as it should be…

Hello my faithful readers, I fear I will have to start this blog in the way that I begin most emails: Sorry for not writing for so long, but life is really overtaking me at the moment! Almost two weeks ago, Chris and me were confronted with an unpleasant choice.

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It was just going too well…

Hi readers, Last week started of spectacularly for our project: We attracted the attention of the manager of the yoghurt factory at UIRI, who is now eager to work with us. The first experiments we conducted with him watching our every move then surpassed all expectations. Through increasing the temperature

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raising yoba…

Hi all, In my last blog I told you how I was slowly getting used to working in the lab, now I am wondering how it happened that bacteria came to rule over my life. Like a father with his children, I go to bed after having ascertained that the

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My first days in Uganda

My first week in Uganda as the new project leader for Yoba was both interesting and challenging, in expected and unexpected ways. To my big surprise, I found that Uganda, in terms of its culture and state of development, is highly similar to Ghana, where I have been working on

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