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Yo-bye bye

This last week I have slowly been getting to wrap up the project. People from UIRI have visited Katete to inspect the plant, Fred has come from Katete to UIRI to get to know the most important people, and the agreements have been made for further collaboration. The foundations have

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Yoba goes to School!

Dear loyal readers, Today we had our first large-scale distribution of Yoba yoghurt! As you may have read in Bernd’s last post, after weeks of struggling in the lab to get our beloved Yoba taste back we were finally able to produce the healthy drink again. This meant quick action

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Yoba 2012

Dear all, I would like to start this blog with the cliché “Happy 2012!!” for all our followers. Thank you for taking interest in our project 🙂 We have been taking some time off to celebrate the holidays, spending Christmas on a fantastic island in Lake Victoria. Nothing to do

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Half way there

Dear readers, It is the first day of December (although the weather would not suggest it) and I am officially half way my stay here. However cliché it may sound, it feels like time has flown by. I am happy not to be leaving quite yet, and feel good about

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Day 56

Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls, the time has come for the much awaited update on my side of the world: After almost 2 months in Uganda the dust is starting to settle, the excitement of novelty is slowly starting to wear off and I am more getting used to

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Made in Katete

While waiting for the rain to stop in the village of Katete to make my way back to Mukono I realize now is a good time to write my new blog. The last few days I have been here to do some experiments with the yoghurt under the somewhat more

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Yoba family lives happily ever after…

Hey all, After three frustrating attempts to produce Yoba in the laboratories at the Ugandan Industry Research Institute we have finally managed to raise our children into adults. Everybody in the lab, especially our colleague and friend Alex, was euphoric about the outcome.  However, we have to issue a little

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Destination: Entebbe Airport

Hello readers! Last wednesday I left the Netherlands for Uganda, as the final addition to the Yoba team. I will stay here 6 months together with Bernd to work on the project, as Tiziana will soon be flying back to Switzerland. After packing everything I thought I could possibly need,

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