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Yoba update

The Yoba for life foundation is spreading the Yoba for life concept throughout Uganda as we speak. The last couple of months the interns Dries Habraken and Barbara van der Biezen have been supporting the Yoba for life foundation.

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Yoba workshop at UIRI Kampala 2013

The Yoba for life concept is evolving really quickly and for the good. The collaboration between the Yoba for life foundation and the UIRI team is developing perfectly. The new Yoba for life foundation interns Dries Habraken and Barbara van der Biezen are currently in Kampala, Uganda to perform several

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Yoba mutandabota in Zimbabwe

Growing of L. rhamnosus yoba in mutandabota, a delicious dairy product found in Southern Africa was done successfully in a rural area in Binga, Zimbabwe. Mutandabota is produced by mixing dry baobab pulp and milk. Sensory evaluation studies were also done on Yoba mutandabota. 

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Visit to Uganda early 2013

Mid January Remco and his family left for Uganda. Their luggage contained biological material for the new Yoba formula: freeze-dried bacteria serving as a starter for making the Yoba dairy drink.

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Fred and the Yoba for Life School Feeding Program

After the successful introduction of Yoba by Tiziana, Bernd and Christiaan it is great to see that Fred and his Life Dairy team manage to grow the healthy probiotic Yoba bacteria in the milk of Ugandan cows. In the attached pictures you see how Fred is now weekly making Yoba

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