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Production of the first Yoba Drink at Life Dairy in Katete

Production of the first Yoba Drink at Life Dairy in Katete

Beginning of June I produced the first Yoba Drink in Katete – what a success at the halftime of my internship in Uganda!

The Yoba starter culture produced previously was used as starting point of the production of the Yoba Drink. I had to bring this starter culture from my guesthouse in Mukono to Katete, where I made the Yoba Drink. Two subsequent cultivations in pasteurized milk supplemented with glucose of the Yoba starter culture are required. Whereby the first cultivation was carried in a small volume (40 ml milk) for 24 h at room temperature. This solution, after checking the pH (<5), was added to 800 ml milk for the second cultivation for 48 h at room temperature. The obtained Yoba culture was afterwards mixed with the normal yoghurt produced at Life Dairy at different ratios. Then a sensory evaluation was carried out and the results were discussed with the manager and the workers of the factory.

The best taste resulted mixing 1:1 Yoba (with the addition of sugar and flavour) with the normal Life Dairy yoghurt. Further optimisation of the process and taste has to be made in order to achieve the perfect Yoba Drink.

With this event the project made a big step forward and I’m very happy, that I managed everything (almost) alone!  🙂





  1. Bert 8 years ago 29th June 2011

    Dear Tiziana,
    Congratulations with the first production. For your information, we have grown the Yoba strain in our lab for you. As soon as the transport is arranged you’ll receive the first kg’s of concentrated Yoba strain.

  2. Jacki 7 years ago 26th November 2012

    It’s really great that people are sharing this ifnromaotin.


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